Thursday, September 07, 2006


before the next weekend comes let me tell you about last weekend.
It was a fun filled weekend. Thursday night, Jen, Eric and Asher came and stayed with us. We had a great time hanging out and on Friday Eric even got to accompany Greg on a student check-out (they might do this job next year so he wanted to see what it would be like). We had a blast playing with Asher and talking with Jen and Eric. Thanks for coming and staying with us guys!
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Friday night, Greg's sister (Dana), brother-in-law (Doug), niece (Emily) and nephew (Michael) came and stayed with us. It's amazing they all fit in that little room we call the baby/guest/storage/craft room. Dana dropped Doug off downtown so he could go to the Cardinal game (he got a really good seat for $10), he was hoping to run into Greg (who was working) and then catch a ride with him. However, the game went really fast (only two hours) and Doug never saw Greg. So Doug jumped on the Metrolink to get back closer to us. Dana called her uncle to find out where the closest Metrolink to us would be (uncle Kirk was in Kansas City). We figured it out and Dana went to pick up Doug, meanwhile Greg got home and was like, "Where are Dana and Doug?" So we explained and had a good laugh about it. It all worked out okay! Emily, Michael and I played some gamecube before having to go to bed.

Saturday they went to the Arch and the Cardinal game, Greg went to field day at the Sem and I hung around the apartment waiting for the cleaning lady to come and get the keys for the apartments she hadn't cleaned yet. I also did some work to get the apartments ready. Then I went to the Seminary to have dinner with everyone. It was so good to see some old friends again. Sarah...we need to get together soon!!!! I also got to see and hold little Kathryn...she's a cutie! Sunday, we all went to King of Kings for church and then had brunch before Dana and Doug and the kids had to head home. It was so nice to have them come and stay with us...even if it was cramped!

Sunday afternoon, Greg and I worked for about 7 hours to get the apartments ready for the students to move it. It actually went better than we thought it would. Monday was move in day. Students started to arrive around 9:30am and we just had to be there to point them in the right direction and answer questions. We went to the college to introduce ourselves to the parents and then back to the apartments for the next group of students. It all went really well, the students and parents all seemed pretty impressed with the apartments and no one really had anything bad to say. Oh, except one dad kept complaining that there was only one parking space for all four girls. Well, now, that's their problem isn't it? I know he was just being a dad! Monday night we took around pizzas to all the units and finally got to meet just about everyone. Over all the whole day went really well.

Monday night, my sister (Tracey) and my brother-in-law (Brad) stopped by on their drive back from Dallas. I'm so glad they took time to stop. It was great to see them, hear about their weekend and see some pictures! Thanks for coming guys! Can't wait for Tracey to come back at the end of October and help out with her niece!!!!

The phone calls started on Tuesday though. Students called about things breaking, when do I need to go to orientation, my couch smells like urine, my toilet seat is broken, stuff like that. I'm glad that they're in class all day otherwise I'm sure they'd come up with other things to tell me about! It's okay, it's their first week. I'm just not sure what I'm supposed to fix and what the apartment complex is supposed to fix! Oh well! We had a game night on Tuesday and 35 students came, so that was really good. 46 students moved in the day before so I guess that's a good turnout! Tonight we are having a pool/sand volleyball party. Let's hope some more kids come to that as well. So that's my story about the weekend.
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Went to the doctor yesterday and she said that everything looks really good. She's not worried about preeclempsia anymore. My blood pressure has been normal and even a little low the last two times I went. My swelling is not as bad either. When she was listening to the little ladies heartbeat she said, she's a happy little girl. Which I can vouche for, if the movement has anything to do with her happiness then she's really happy! Oh and she gets the hiccups A LOT! It's funny and a little annoying sometimes too!

Well, I better let you go and get back to whatever you were doing before you started reading my ramblings. Contrary to the title...this really wasn't all that quick...SORRY!


Julie said...

Hey Jame -
I finnally am checking out blogs again. I really love the quick note. It only took me a 1/2 hour to read. k bye

Julie said...

oooooops to many nnnnnnnnnnn's on finnnnnalllly.