Tuesday, September 26, 2006


(this post is mostly for Ben, Kate, Sarah and Todd, since they used to live here).

demolition day is upon us. they are tearing down some of the apartments in our complex to make more room for parking (which has been a pain in the butt for us as resident managers to deal with). We're very glad they saw the need and are doing something about it! So I took some video today of what is going on and just thought I'd share it here. It's so crazy how something that seems so steady and sturdy can be knocked down with a single blow. To think that my apartment was made in the same way and could come down in the same way is a little scary. One good thing I noticed though...there IS insulation in the walls, I never would have guessed with the way we can hear our neighbors :)...oh wait, that means they can hear us too. But we're pretty quiet...until the baby comes...then it's payback time. Actually it hasn't been too bad so I hope the little lady isn't too loud! Anyway, here's the video!

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