Tuesday, August 01, 2006


...that's all I can say. WOW!

It's been a whirlwind. We're finally in St. Louis and enjoying the heat...yeah right. Heat indexes of 115 at the high end are no fun. Although we are blessed to finally be living in central air again, the heat still creeps inside somehow!

We left Indiana last Wednesday morning with a four car/truck caravan. We drove the five hours to St. Louis only to get stuck in traffic (something we didn't have to deal with in Indiana) and then to find out that we only had two people here to help us unload our 24 foot truck. Okay so it wasn't just two people but my parents, Greg, Jordan, Tom and little Thomas. I helped with what I could but kept getting yelled at for lifting things! Sorry! It took us two hours to unload the truck and get everything inside. There was not much moving around inside for a while because of the piles of boxes. We still cannot do much in our craft/storage/baby room because of all the boxes in there. Hopefully this week we can make a dent in their. We got the important stuff set up, kitchen and bedroom and then called it quits.

My parents were a HUGE help throughout the week they were with us and we could not have done what we did without them! They helped us get more stuff done on Thursday and then journeyed back to Wisconsin on Friday morning after being away from their home for a month. What troopers they are!

We are resident managers for a college in St. Louis and let me tell you the fun has already started. I'll spare you the stories for now. Wait till I have more time to tell them...trust me they're good. Talk about drama...

Our last Sunday at Immanuel.

Here we are with two of the pastors and their wives (the other pastor was on vacation)

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