Wednesday, August 09, 2006

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Kimi came to visit us last Monday (7-31) for a few hours. Besides my parents she's our first official visitor. She got to see the mass chaos that is called our apartment. It was great to hang out for a little bit. Mike came over for dinner on Tuesday so he was our first official dinner guest. It's been great to see friends again and to be able to spend some time with them. We hope to have more guests and visitors. Look us up if you're ever in the area.

We had a great trip to Omaha this past weekend. We went to an Omaha Royals game, but unfortunately they lost to the Portland Beavers 7-5. We got to see fireworks after the game, which made up for not seeing any on the 4th of July. It was good for Greg to be able to catch up with some friends he was in youth group with. Saturday, Greg showed me all the hot spots in Omaha...almost every baseball diamond he played on, his house (which I had been in before his parents moved in 2000), some of his friends homes, where he worked, where he went to elementry school, middle school and high school. We had a good time. Saturday night we went to church and he preached his first sermon at St. Mark's. Then some people came over to the house where we were staying for an "ice cream social". It was nice to meet some of those people. Sunday was three church services and then a luncheon. So many people affirmed Greg in his desire to serve the Lord as a Pastor so that was encouraging. We went to a viola concert which was great and then headed out. Pictures from the trip are on my other camera.

Our next stop was Warrensburg, MO to visit with my other "big sister" and her family. It was nice to see them and stay in their beautiful home. It's good to know they're only 3 hours away. We hope to see them again in September for a Broncos/Rams game. And then in October with the baby. (The picture on the bottom right is of Hope and I, I'll put one of Hannah and I on here as soon as blogger lets me.) Thanks for letting me go shopping in baby land Jenny!

We drove home on Monday and Greg played another baseball game for the Preachers. He played first base and got to pitch two innings. Unfortunately they lost 8-2. Tuesday night they played again, but this time with metal bats and they won 3-1, Greg caught the whole game and has the bruises to prove it today. I'll include the drama from yesterday in a post tomorrow. Let me just tell you I miss the good old Wisconsin DMV. Have a good one.

Greg will soon get paid to go to Cardinal games. He got a job selling souveniers. What better job could he find?

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