Friday, August 04, 2006


It wasn't a good game to see...but it was good to see a game. Greg and I made it to Busch tonight. They played the Phillies and lost 8-1. Bummer of a game but it was good to be in that atmosphere again...better for Greg than myself. I made it through the whole game and wasn't ever really uncomfortable so that's good. The temp was only about 91 instead of 102 like yesterday so that made it more bearable. We ran into Greg's cousin Aaron and his girlfriend so we sat with them for most of the game. Greg looks forward to taking in a few more which I will not be going since the tickets he has are for standing room only and I'm not about to do that for a whole ball game. But I know he looks forward to going with some of the guys!

We are heading out early in the morning to Omaha. Hopefully the baseball game we watch there tomorrow night will be more interesting. The church where Greg grew up is celebrating 50 years of ministry and they are celebrating their "church workers" this coming weekend, they asked Greg to preach so we're excited about all of that! Greg's mom and sister are also making the trip to Omaha. I look forward to seeing where Greg spent ten years of his life and meeting some of his friends. We will get to stay with our good family friends on the way home on Sunday in the Kansas City area and we're excited about that! So have a great weekend and we'll see ya around!

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Casey said...

Okay, so I am a moron because I just figured out that I had comment moderation on and that is why none of the previous comments showed up. I wondered why no one ever commented and now I know! (Somehow I can make a whole website but not figure that one out). So, thanks for all of your past comments :0)

Anyway, how are you and how is St. Louis? Are you in Sarah and Todd's old apartment? The address seemed familiar. I don't think I will be able to make it to your WI shower because I will be in Michigan (big bummer). Will you be in town before the 18th? I would love to see you (and the baby in your belly)!

Also, whenever you get a chance, if you still have some resources that you know of for mentoring a 14 year old, that would be awesome!

Love ya!