Monday, August 28, 2006

34 weeks

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How long is 34 weeks really? It doesn't seem like it's that long. But I guess it kind of is and it kind of isn't. In the grand scheme of life 34 weeks is merely a blink of an eye. But to any child waiting for their birthday 34 weeks is an eternity. 34 weeks has gone fast for me. There's lots that has happened. Two couples have joined in marriage. I have traveled to or through 11 states. I have moved, read a few books, been a Vicars wife and then just a sem wife. I have had countless lunch dates, ate hundreds of bowls of cereal and ice cream. Lots has happened. All the while a human being has been growing in my stomach.

How cool is God? Only He could come up with the whole birthing process. Something starting off so small and growing inside another person to one day come into the world and then start the whole human being on earth process. It's amazing to me that there is a small person inside of me. Yes, she is a sinner and yes she needs Jesus just like the rest of us, but she's got a soul and she's a human being! It's so crazy. Until Tami had her twins I kept thinking of my little lady like I've seen her, black and white and sorta fuzzy. Then after the twins were born I started to think of her as pink and small and just looking like a newborn in there. I know that's how she's looked for a while but I guess it just hit me that she seriously looks like she will when she comes. Obviously she'll be a little bigger, but she's not going to change from black and white to color when she hits the outside world. I guess you just don't always think of those things right least I didn't.

So 34 weeks have come and gone and now 6 weeks from today is around the time I will be welcoming this little person into my life forever. She's already captured my heart and I can only imagine how much more I will learn to love her when I see her. Greg and I are very excited and cannot wait. Although we're ready to have one more month with just the two of us, we're also ready to be a family of three. So if you think of it, keep our little lady in your prayers as she continues to grow...just pray she doesn't grow too much...and as we prepare to be parents for the rest of our lives. Please also keep my health in your prayers. My doctor has started to keep an eye on me for preeclempsia. So let's pray that all is well and I don't have it.

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(Disclaimer: my butt is not that big, the shirt just makes it look that way)


Erin J. said...

You look great for 34 weeks. Hope that you and Greg enjoy the last few weeks with just two of you.

Jen Reed said...

Jamie, I love to read your blog! You are so eloquent and so creative. Yours is one of the blogs that inspired me to start my own. I still visit yours and look at the encoding to try to figure out how to do things! I have so many friends who are pregnant now, and I don't get regular updates from them. I'm loving seeing you grow and hearing your thoughts. It makes all of those pregnancies more real to me, as I'm so far away from everyone. God's blessings on your final weeks of being "two". P.S. How's the Captivating book? I've been thinking of buying it...

Anonymous said...

You look radiant. I can't wait to meet your little bundle of joy! :)

Erin West