Thursday, July 13, 2006

pure joy christian bookstore

Well, my online Christian bookstore is finally up and running again and I don't think that I should have too many problems with it from here on out. They got a different company to host the sites so it should be much better. I already like the layout better than the old one and it's really easy to navigate.

There is a wider selection of products on the site, you can now get music, t-shirts and other gift items. So it is no longer just a BOOK store but there's lots of other things to choose from. I will have coupons out shortly but that part of the site won't be ready till next week.

Sign up for the newsletter and you will receive a downloadable CD by Britta Adams. If you sign up for the newsletter you will also be able to hear about special features and you will get coupons. Just go and sign up, you don't have to pay anything or even buy anything but by signing up you get free stuff and are the first to hear about specials!

Pure Joy Bookstore

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