Monday, July 17, 2006

the end is near

Our time here in Indiana is quickly coming to an end. Many boxes are packed and everything is in disarray...which can only mean that I am packing and organizing at the same time. Since we'll be moving back to an apartment and not a house (we've only lived in one apartment since being married), we have gone through our things and decided what we could live without for another year. Those items have made their way into boxes and into the closet in "Greg's bedroom" at his parents house in Indy. We're thankful for that space and a little sad to have to pack things up for another year. Since we lived in a furnished house this year many of our items haven't seen the light of day in a year and for some of them it will be another year till they do. I'm trying to pack and get everything ready for the move but it would be so much easier if it wasn't so hot or if there was central air in this house! Oh well, it will get done!

Last Wednesday we had lunch with the entire staff...what a blessing they've all been to us. We ate at the Chinese was tasty. They gave us a great going away gift. It's a matted photo of the church with all their signatures and best wishes on the mat. We will not easily forget all that these wonderful people have done for us and are grateful for everything we've learned and experienced while on vicarage! Greg will preach for the last time here on Sunday and we'll load the truck Tuesday and drive to St. Louis on Wednesday.

Thanks for the memories!

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