Saturday, July 01, 2006

baby shower, vbs and vacation

On Thursday night the ladies from the office hosted a Baby Shower for our little lady. We were very honored that they had this party for us. We had a great time. The guys played wiffle ball for a while and also boccee ball. We all played a great game where everyone (except me) put a balloon under their shirts and Greg was blindfolded and had to pick out my stomach compared to the rest of them. The catch was that I was moving around in the line, this actually scared Greg a little. He was pretty confident that I was the third person in line but then when he went a little further along there was another stomach that was similar to mine (it actually was me) and he was thinking, "I hope I didn't offend anyone by saying I knew that was Jamie." We got some great gifts and are a little closer to being ready to welcome our bundle into the world!

This past week was Vacation Bible School at church. We had a great time helping out. We got to know the songs REALLY well, they're still running through my head. Greg gave out the clue in the area where they sang the songs. He also flipped the power point for the songs...he really got the songs in his head. I was the "unofficial" photographer. I just went around to all the different sites and got the kids to pose and took lots of candids as well. Since that didn't take too long I sat with Greg in the gym a lot and got to hear the songs A LOT. There were about 290 kids at our church and this year they also started one at one of the other Lutheran churches at night and there were about 180 kids there. So a total of 470 kids, not bad! We had a great time and were glad to be able to help out!

Last night we drove to Bloomington to visit Jen, Eric and Asher and to help Jen celebrate her birthday. We had a great time, ate some great pizza, had a blast making Asher laugh and just spending time with friends is always awesome!

We leave tomorrow on our westward vacation. We are spending two days in the Denver area to visit Greg's cousins and aunt & uncle. Then we will go out to San Diego. My brother is getting married on the 8th. We're really excited to see lots of family (both sides) and to spend some time away from home! We may not be able to be around the internet so if that's the case...have a great week and we'll have lots of stories when we return! God bless your 4th of July, and your week!

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Danika said...

congrats on getting a baby and stuff and having your baby shower and if you ever need help on handling your children well im the person who can help you with that im danika and this is my blog