Friday, June 23, 2006


I am no longer employed. This does not mean that I am unemployable...just unemployed!And boy does it feel good. Sure I will miss the people I work with...they were fun to work with. Like today, Brent was giving away one of his tables and Olivia who takes any table took it and then I said to Brent, "do you just come to work to socialize" and then he was like "oh my goodness, I just come to work to socialize and I just now realized that!" It was a fun day. Miranda brought me a cake and it was a good day to end on. I ended up training a new girl who will do a good job and may just take over my place. I'm sure in a couple of weeks not many of them will remember me but they were my home away from home for a year. I hope to keep in touch with some of them and will always visit when I come back to town.

Tonight we're going to have some fun. The group that we played Euchre with is getting together for our 1st Annual Backyard Olympics. Four of the couples live next door and behind each other so all of their lawns meet in the middle. We're going to cookout and play some games (boccee ball, croquet, and cornhole), and there are even prizes for the couple that wins! We even made t-shirts for the occasion. I am so excited. They were going to call it the Drunk Olympics but we didn't think that would be a good thing to advertise. One of the guys works for Miller and is getting a keg. I'll be sober though so don't worry! I'll share some pictures from the evening later!

Next week our church has Vacation Bible School and I'm the "unofficial" photographer. I'm excited about helping out and being able to take pictures is always fun. The week after that we are traveling to Denver for a couple of days and then out to sunny San Diego for my brothers wedding. We're excited about everything coming up. Our time here is quickly coming to an end. I'll have about two weeks to pack after we get back from California before we move! It may take me two weeks since I can't really lift anything heavy! Have a great weekend and we'll talk again soon.

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