Thursday, June 01, 2006

da vinci code: fact or fiction?

Dr. Paul Maier was here at Immanuel tonight. He gave a talk exposing the historical inaccuracies and outright lies from the DaVinci Code book by Dan Brown. His talk was well received and many people seemed to have benefitted from it. Dr. Maier is a great guy, we were able to have dinner with him before his talk and he is funny. Greg was very excited to hear back from Dr. Maier the day he emailed him about four months ago. Getting Dr. Maier to come was Greg's idea for his evangelism module that he needed to do for his Seminary course work while on vicarage. He knew he wanted to do something surrounding the opening of The DaVinci Code movie, getting Dr. Maier to come was a great opportunity and something he'll always remember. Dr. Maier has a great love for history, the church and Christ's people, all was very evident tonight. We are thankful that he found time in his busy schedule to come and give this important talk. Thanks Dr. Maier. Pictures are 1) Greg and I with Dr. Maier 2) the Pastors and vicar with Dr. Maier 3) the view from the balcony 4) the postcard I designed to promote Dr. Maier coming to Immanuel 5) the poster I designed to promote Dr. Maier's visit

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