Monday, June 26, 2006

all american evening

Last night we had the All-American evening. What's more American than sloppy joes with all the fixins, shooting guns, round barns, covered bridges, apple pie with ice cream and fireworks!

We went to our Pastors mother-in-laws house last night for our all-American evening. We ate a great meal and then the boys got out their toys (guns) and started playing. Greg had never shot a gun before last night (unless you count a bbgun on his grandpas farm). They started him out with the small guns and they worked their way up to the big time rifles. He had such a great time shooting at the clay pigeons and then at the non-moving targets that were set up as well. I think they shot for about two hours. Greg did really good. He got some of the clay pigeons and made quite a dent in the other targets as well.

I even got to shoot a gun. I think it was a 22. A pretty small gun that Pastor got when he was ten. He said, "look through the scope and when you think you're lined up pull the trigger." So I did, and guess what...I hit the soda can right off the box...first shot. I didn't take any more shots because I wanted to end while I was ahead.

We then drove to the round barn and went inside. It is owned by one of Jan's (Pastors wife) cousins. It was pretty cool, you don't see round barns around much anymore. Then we drove to the covered bridge and walked across it. After those adventures we went back and had homemade apple pie and ice was DELICIOUS! Then we lit some fireworks and sparklers, snap n pop rocks and some snakes. It was a great evening! We've been having lots of fun lately and I'm just trying to soak it all in! Hope you're having fun too whatever you're doing!
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