Thursday, May 18, 2006

totally unrelated

I've got two totally unrelated but funny* stories for you.

I went to the bank the other day (background info: if you don't know it I drive a mini van. Hey, it was practically free and apparently we're going to need it soon). Anyway, I'm at the bank, which I go to all the time, the same lady gets my money for me all the time. This time however when she sends back my receipt she asks, "Do you need any suckers out there?" I was shocked, did I hear her right? I just said, "No thanks", took my receipt and drove off. How come she asked me that? Is it because I drive a mini van? Do I now all of a sudden let off that "mother" vibe? I didn't ask but I was a little flattered and I thought it a little funny. This guy Dave that I used to work with at the Family Christian Store always called me a soccer mom because I drive a mini van. Well, that may one day come true. But for now, I don't need any suckers.

The second story is a dream that I had this morning. Greg and I were in church. This was not a normal aisle down the middle of the pews kind of church. It was more like church in the round and there was just one little spot for the "altar" area. The congregation was standing and we were in the front pew, then the pastor said some stuff. I looked over and saw my great Uncle Paul, then unbeknownst (is that how you spell that?) to us everyone sat down. We were just standing away. Then I looked around and saw that everyone was sitting and whispered to Greg, "should we sit down?" So we sat down. Then these little girls came out and started doing a little play, they were all dressed in warm clothes and talking about how cold they were. They had these memorized lines they had to say and I vagley remember something about pickles and then that rhymed with tickles...weird. Just as they were saying these lines my cell phone goes off. Now my cell phone was actually my alarm going off in real life. But I was so into the dream that I thought my cell phone was ringing in church. My heart started to pound so fast. I woke up realized it was just a dream but my heart kept up its fast pace. It was so weird and then I just layed there and laughed about it. I do have crazy dreams. If only you heard half of them.

* I think they were funny, you have to determine that for yourself.

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Susan said...

Coming from a mom who does drive a mini van...while you are in the drive up at the bank, it is hard to tell if there are kids in the back or not. We have tinted windows which makes it even more diffiicult to tell. One day you will appreciate the teller asking you if you want a sucker so you don't feel stupid having to push the call button and ask for a sucker for your child. Although my kids are not allowed to have the sucker in the van, it makes for a very well behaved car ride for them, knowing that Mommy has a sucker and if they are good, they can have the sucker when they get home. One day in the near future, you will soon understand what a blessing it is to hear, "do you need any suckers today?"