Monday, May 01, 2006


I am in the great state of Texas. And yes, everything is bigger in Texas. I traveled to Memphis to stay with my aunt and uncle on Saturday. I got there faster than I thought I would and spent a great relaxing evening with them. It's always nice to catch up with them. We went to church together on Sunday morning and then I headed to Dallas. I made really good time and got here around 4:30. It took me about seven hours which is not bad at all. I was listening to a book on CD so it made the time go even faster. Today I stuffed and labeled envelopes for Kimi for a fundraising letter that she needs to send out for Young Life. We're going to go to their (Scott and Kimi's) house this afternoon and work on the wedding favors. Should be a good time. I'm looking forward to seeing the house. I got to meet Scott last night and he's a great guy. Kimi and Scott are so happy together. I guess that's what is important right? Well, I'll try to update again but just wanted to give a shout out from West Plano, Texas!

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Saydog said...

Yay for Plano. I like Texas a lot, and I liked Plano a lot too. Texans just tend to be all around nice people. Plus, they're close to Mexico so that's fun! Have a blessed time there!
LOL w/ LOL-Jesus Style!