Wednesday, May 10, 2006

pretty much the coolest wedding invites...ever...

My brother and soon to be sister-in-law have created what I believe to be the coolest, most original wedding invitations I have EVER seen. They are both very into drama and have created a theme around that for their entire wedding. The invitations are amazing and very creative. I cannot wait to see what the wedding is going to be like. The cast party invitations are for receptions that they are having in their home cities so more people can celebrate with them. The RSVP cards were like tickets. The wedding invite is actually larger in size than the cast party invite. The just got resized when I scanned them. (Last names have been erased in order to protect the innocent.)

Very cool Eric and Catherine...I give this two thumbs way up.

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Cory and Kristin Wielert said...

The invites and everything look awesome. Great ideas. Hope all is well! Love Cory and Kristin