Wednesday, May 24, 2006

past stars win!

The Pastors (past stars) played the 8th graders tonight in basketball. They played the boys first and had an interesting game. They all played really well but the Pastors won 50 to 33. No one got hurt and they played pretty intensly for 8th graders and a bunch of "old men". Then the Pastors played the girls. This game was funny. The Pastors almost walked the whole thing. The girls were hitting a lot of threes and then the score keeper decided that any shot the girls made was worth 3 points and almost any shot the Pastors made was only worth 1. I think the Pastors won but who really knows. It was a fun night and a great way to end the school year. The 8th graders graduate on Friday night! Congratulations 8th graders!

The first picture is Greg with the Pastors he works with everyday. The second picture is all the Pastors and one youth director who played in the game. They had Pastors from the area churches who have helped teach these 8th graders in their confirmation classes. The third picture is the 8th graders with the Pastors.

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