Sunday, May 28, 2006

now i know how noah felt

okay so not exactly...but it did rain like crazy today. First we had a gas outage then a tornado and now some flooding. The flooding didn't last too long on the major streets but it was deep. We don't know if it was just from the rain, if something broke or if the drainage system just does not work. All we know is that it rained and apparently there was no place for all the water to go. Crazy. We've experienced just about every kind of weather while on vicarage. I'm glad that we didn't have any hurricanes or typhoons (I know it's not possible...just glad it isn't). Now it's just hot! We really need to put the window air conditioners in...especially in our bedroom (no one likes to sweat when they sleep). Have a great Memorial Day and think of me while I'm at work! Only 17 more days!!!! I can do it!

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Cory and Kristin Wielert said...

Happy Memorial DAy to You two too! Hope all is well. Love Cory and Kristin.