Tuesday, April 25, 2006

a year ago and a year to go (updated)

A year ago Greg and I found out that we would spend a year in Indiana. Now the year we're here is almost over. Only three more months. Tonight many of our friends found out where they will spend their vicarage year and where they will serve their first calls. Some exciting news is that our good friends Jen and Eric (with our godson Asher) are coming to Indiana...not the church we're at but about an hour west of here for their vicarage. I'm excited that they will be close so we can see our buddy Asher...and Jen and Eric also. They will be moving at the end of June. Also found out that our friends Kristin and Cory will be moving near my fathers hometown, Arlington Heights, IL. Cory will be a Chaplin in Indiana. So they'll be close, pretty cool if you ask me. Todd and Sarah however, will be moving out west to Lancaster, California. It looks like it's pretty close to LA about 60 miles or so north eastish. I'm excited for them but sad that they'll be so far away. Lots of other guys we know got placed and you can check it all out on the Seminary website It's an exciting day in St. Louis! And a year from now Greg and I will find out where we will serve our first call! We're excited for what lies ahead and know that God is in control!

in other news: Brett Favre is NOT going to retire just yet. He will play another season. I bet that makes you happy mom!

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