Tuesday, April 04, 2006

weekend in wisconsin

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usI spent the weekend in Wisconsin and boy was it fun. Filled with family, friends, food, and LAUGHTER! I think that was the theme of the whole weekend, laughter.

I got into Milwaukee around 2pm on Thursday, surprised Julie at work - first thing she says to me, "You're not fat!" (I'm only three months pregnant) - surprised my mom at work, went home and then Julie came over. We were just sitting around when Chad called. He asked if we wanted to go to this furniture thing downtown. So we decided to go and I'm SO glad we did. It was a blast. When we got there I had to use the bathroom. Out of the bathroom stall walks Amber (Katie's sister) and I was so surprised to see her, haven't seen her in like 3 1/2 years. It was so great that she was there. It also happened to be her birthday. After the furniture thing we went to Balzac, a resturant on the east side. Jerusha met us there so she could celebrate Amber's birthday with her. This was a resturant with tapas food. Small portions where everyone orders a few and shares. Well we all just got our own thing. I got the rustic bread with herb butter because it was only $3 and I'm cheap. Tom, (Chad's roommate) ordered this Amaretto Ice Cream, it cost $7. That's the small scoop of ice cream you see in the pictures. He thought the ice cream was okay but it was served on a poached apple and had pepper on it. He didn't like the apple at all. What a bummer of a dessert. Julie ordered the strawberry shortcake for $6. And the best part was the lone strawberry on the plate (that wasn't the only thing but there was only one strawberry). Amber got a ridiculously priced martini for her birthday drink and then some veggies. The food was interesting but the coversation and hanging out with friends made it all worth it. We had a great time and did LOTS of laughing.

Friday I got to sleep in and then spent some time with Katie and the kids. They are getting so big and are so dang cute (pictures of them are on film so they'll come later). It was so great to catch up with Katie and to get to know Trysten and Maya a little more. I went out to Tumbleweed with my parents for dinner. Then Julie came over and we watched a movie and she worked on a sweet logo for my parents. The logo is for the mission committee they started at Grace.

Saturday, I went to McDonald's to have breakfast with Susan and Dan and to see their three adorable little ladies. Susan is also pregnant and due in October. It was great to catch up with her and to see everyone. My mom and I then did a little shopping. We took my sewing machine back to Kohl's since it wasn't working very well. They didn't have any other ones so I got the money and will go and find my own machine. I had an engagment shoot at 1pm (pictures will be on jtphoto.com by Sunday), that went really well and it was great to meet Tina and Kurt since I'll be photographing their wedding in June. Mom and I then did a little more shopping. We went to Walmart where the funniest thing happened from the whole weekend. We were walking down the main aisle when this guy started backing up towards us from one of the side aisles. With his butt towards us and sticking out he lets out this huge fart. My mom just goes, "excuse you" and we kept on walking quickly to the next aisle so we could laugh. It was HILARIOUS. I kept thinking about it throughout the day and just kept laughing...laughing so hard there were tears. I'm laughing right now as I type this just thinking about it. For dinner we went out to the Creekside Inn with Tracey and Brad to celebrate Tracey's birthday and their anniversary. The food was okay but the company was great. We topped the evening off with some of "al's billfold game", (it's a card game that's been in our family for ages), laughing and one other game. We had a great time and played cards till 11pm. What memories!

Sunday I went to church with Tracey and my parents. It was nice to worship at Grace again but it just felt so different. I was comparing everything to Immanuel. It wasn't different bad, just different. But it felt like home so that's good. After lunch we watched some movies, I went to Michael's and Kohl's with Julie and then she came over again. We had bought some of those fuzzy posters that you can color so that we could color them for my mom. We watched North Country and parts of some other movies, had some pizza and just had a great time.

Monday my dad and I drove to Illinois together so we could go visit my grandma in the hospital. She had a mini stroke or something on Saturday and wasn't going to be leaving for home till Tuesday. She was doing great physically but she's losing her memory. She remembers stories from back in the day but her short term memory is not so good. She thought it was September 2004. She asked me a couple of times if we were going to find out if the baby is a boy or girl. She couldn't remember what city she lived in, what my name was, stuff like that. But she still has her sense of humor and she knows that her memory is not so good. She kept thanking me for coming to see her. I only wish I could see her more often. I made my trek back to IN, slept for 30 minutes at a rest stop and made it home by 7pm. Greg and I then went out for a nice dinner and caught up.

That's my weekend in a nutshell, well a pretty big one! Congratulations on making it to the end! Have a great day, know that you are loved!


Lisa said...

Jamie, I must admit that your story about the guy in the walmart reminded me of another fun time that i had with your mom... we were in a gas station picking up some 12 packs of soda because it was a good deal and i can't quite remember what we were talking about, but the conversation had dwindled. then you mom comes out with, 'speaking of gas' and toots... right there... it was so hilarious i could barely make it the rest of the way out of the gas station. i seriously almost laughed out loud while reading your blog, but i have students in my classroom right now, so i had to momentarily stifle. it sounds like you had a great time.

Jamie said...

that sounds like my mom. literally SOUNDS like her. But I love her!