Tuesday, April 11, 2006

third times a charm

I got a sewing machine for Christmas from my parents. I was so super excited. It sat around for a while and then at the end of January one of the secretaries from Immanuel came over and showed me how to use it. I joined a quilt making class. I posted a pic of the first block I made. Well anyway, my machine was giving me some trouble. The thread would break after almost every run through the fabric. I was constantly re-threading the needle and that was no fun. Beckie couldn't really get it to work either so she finally convinced me to take it back and get a new one. When I went home at the begining of April my mom and I took it back to Kohl's and just got her money back because they didn't have any other ones.

When I got back here Greg and I went to Wal-Mart and got a new machine. This time I got a Singer. I got it home, out of the box, got the bobbin threaded, got it all ready to go and it wouldn't. I could not get it to grab the fabric, nothing was working. If I forced it it would finally stitch a line but it was never even and not close to the edge. So Beckie came over tonight to look at it for me. She discovered that it was sewing backwards. For some reason it would sew just fine but only from the back. There's a reverse switch that you can use to start or end your pieces and we think the switch must have broke in the "on" position. So I took it back to Wal-Mart today and got a different one.

Got the new new one home, out of the box, loaded the bobbin, threaded the needle (with the automatic needle threader)...and it works. So far so good! I've already made three decorative pillows this evening. T-shirt blanket here I come. But for the pillows I need to figure out how to do the stitch to close it after you stuff it. Any ideas? Know of any websites that have that info? Well, I'm excited that I finally found a machine that works and boy do I love sewing. Just have to learn how to do all the other stitches and learn how to hem and I'll be all set! Just call me becky-homecky.


Anonymous said...

As far as closing the pillow I do it by hand and finish it. There is probably a way to do it whith the machine. But when you do it by hand you can't tell where it was closed. That's just me though and what do I know I'm not an expert sower. JulieB

kristin said...

hand sew is what i did.

Jamie said...

I know that I have to sew it by hand I just don't know what the stitch looks like. The first one I did looks really sloppy so I didn't do anymore and won't till I can figure out the stitch to close them without seeing the thread. Thanks for the advice.

Dana said...

Have mom T. show you how to do it, I don't know how to describe it. She has made many pillows, and does it quite well. She may be able to explain it - but I can't.