Sunday, April 23, 2006

that's what I call a steak

Friday night Greg grilled some steaks, (that we had gotten as a Christmas present), and when I say steak I mean, large and in charge steaks. These were monsterous. Each steak could feed a family of four, but we each got our own. Greg always makes his own "seasoning" for the steaks and it is oh so yummy. We enjoyed Madagascar after eating half the steaks and just had a nice evening at home. Saturday Greg's baseball games got rained out so we were able to take it easy, do some laundry, mow the lawn, all that important stuff. Greg played golf with the pastors for about four hours and Megan came over and we scrapbooked for a while! It was a great night.
Greg's steak before...

Greg's steak after
Jamie's steak before

Jamie's steak after

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