Tuesday, April 18, 2006

random stuff

Hope you had a HAPPY EASTER! We sure did. Greg's parents came down from Indy, and Dana and Doug and Emily and Michael came up from Louisville. As Dana and Doug arrived they caught me in the act of hiding the easter eggs. I got them all hidden and after lunch Emily and Michael had a great time trying to find them all. Some of them proved to be harder to find than others but by the end of the hunt they were all found. They had a great time. We played some wiffle ball in the yard and had some running and walking races around the house. It was a great time. We also celebrated Emily's 8th birthday. It's not till May 2nd but we won't all be able to get together. I can't believe she's already going to be 8! Where has the time gone!

We're back to a regular work week now. I waited in line at the post office yesterday for 15 minutes to mail our state taxes (to Missouri and Indiana). We already got our money from Federal...it was nice to finally get a check instead of having to write one, since I used to be self-employed!

Found out on Friday that my cousin Heather is having a GIRL! We're so excited for them! She is due on August 30th. Heather and I are six months apart to the day and we're now having babies about a month apart! We're so excited!

Kimi and Scott get married in a little less than three weeks. I got fitted for my dress today and should get it back this week. I'm driving down to Dallas by myself, stopping in Memphis for a night to stay with Aunt Rosalie and Uncle Timm. I would love to see anyone in Texas that I can so let's see if we can work something out!

Gotta go to work! Have a great day and continue to celebrate our Risen Savior!

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