Tuesday, April 18, 2006

go cougars

This past Saturday the Cougars had a double header. It was in the 90's and sunny, which made for a hot day of baseball. I made it through the first three innings without sunscreen or an umbrella then I got smart and got the umbrella. Good thing I did too because I got really burned in those first three innings. The first game was okay, they lost 7-2. Sometimes when highschoolers lose their first game you might think that they'd have a hard time picking themselves up for the second game. But these guys didn't. They won the second game 4-1. So now the Cougars are 2 and 2. Greg is having a blast coaching them. They've got a game this week and another double header this weekend. Hopefully we'll remember to bring some sun screen! GO COUGARS!

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