Sunday, March 26, 2006

whirlwind weekend

This weekend we had a great time hanging out with Emily and Michael. Friday night Emily and Michael played on the third floor for quite a while, then we had dinner and then we watched The Incredibles. It was great to cuddle with them on the couch and hear all their little stories about the movie. Saturday morning Emily and Michael woke up and played on the third floor for a while and then we had breakfast. After breakfast they played some more and then we watched some cartoons. We ate an early lunch and then went to the park. We had a blast at the park. We played frisbee, they did the "obstacle" course, we did some swinging, played keep away, it was a fun time! Greg taught Emily how to jump off a swing (don't worry Dana she didn't really get it). They got grass stains on their pants from playing keep away with the frisbee. It was just a fun time of running around and being a kid again. Oh and I think Emily and Michael had fun too. After the park we went home and played some board games (battleship, and Franklins Day at School). Then they played hide and seek in the house and played some more on the third floor. Emily got a headache so she layed down for a little while. We took them to Pizza Hut for dinner. Then we rented a movie, spent the night just chillin' and they played Memory. We went to church and Sunday school today and had a good lunch. They played some more and then cleaned up the fun mess they made and got ready to leave. It was a great time to have them here. Got us a little ready for parenthood, although they are old enough to listen and have already been taught all that stuff. But it helped Greg and I to see where we differ on parenting skills and what we have in common. It was a great weekend.

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Dana said...

Jamie and Greg
Thanks for watching the kids. Emily was all worried about her grass stains in her white capris - but she was even more surprised when I showed her they were all white. Wow! Mommy was a miracle worker in her eyes - I guess I should write that one down as I know it will not always be that way. :) Michael told me he had grass stains too, but I really did not find them - but I told him I got them out also, so he would feel good.

MIchael also informed me boys ruled when it came to battleship - too bad that boys ruled the other night when we played at home also. I guess all us girls need to practice up so we can play a good game of battleship next time we are together.

And, about the swings - maybe I will teach your little one to jump off a cliff to pay you back :) JUst kidding. I can just picture my "graceful" daughter jumping off a swing. The thought of it makes me smile :)
Thanks again Jamie and Greg!