Wednesday, March 01, 2006

to all future brides

May I make a suggestion. When it comes to footwear for your bridesmaids don't go here...

Your bridesmaids will not look at your choice with a smile. They will complain about their hurting feet, calves, back and anything else that might get hurt when they fall. They will complain about spending $50 for a pair of shoes they will only wear one time and not by their choice. They will refer to them as "stripper shoes". They will not be happy at all. Although they are probably very happy to be standing up in your wedding they will wish they could sit down because their feet, calves and back hurt so bad. So for all you future brides out there make cautious decisions about the shoes you make your bridesmaids wear. Oh and a little bit of advise if you are making them all wear the same kind of shoes kindly try them on yourself first and see if you would like to wear them all day.

P.S. This is not in reference to any bride in particular, just a general comment. In fact I do not even know the bride that is making her bridesmaids wear these shoes. I only know the bridesmaid and what she has told me about the shoes. Oh and she tried them on for us the other day, that's how I got the picture.

P.P.S Those are three inch heels. Can you say YIKES!


Anonymous said...

I'm going to make my ushers wear them instead!!


Jamie said...

you are too kind! Actually i think Greg would look GREAT in three inch heels!