Thursday, March 23, 2006

kids say the darndest things...

Until Julie gets her own blog, I will be forced to tell you one of her stories. Well, not only because Julie doesn't have a blog but also because I don't have any good stories to tell.

Julie has two nephews that live in Green Bay. Jared is 4 1/2 and Jacob is almost 2 (I think). Jared is a very smart and funny kid. Most of Julie's funny stories come from Jared, this one is no different.

They are trying to teach Jacob his animal noises. I think he does most of them but he doesn't do the cow noise. So Julie's dad asked Jared, "How can we get Jacob to make his cow noise?"

Very seriously Jared answers, "Take him to the vet."

They all start laughing and Jared says, "You guys, I'm serious."

How funny! I couldn't stop laughing. If you think it's funny good for you, if not well you need a better imagination.

Emily and Michael are spending the weekend with us so I'm sure I'll have some good stories after they leave, they usually do and or say something crazy! Have a good one!

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