Sunday, March 12, 2006

gas problem

The wind howeled.
The trees swayed.
The rain poured down.
The storm watches were made known.
Then it happened, in the dead of night when most of the town was sleeping.
There were no witnesses.
There was no one to blame.
The homes became cold and showers were only of ice.
The gas line had broken and it would take more than a band-aid to fix.

Thursday night we had pretty bad storms which lead to the broken gas line. My day off would not be ruined by this tragedy. I was going to stay warm (it was nice outside) and stay busy. Greg and I decided to go out for lunch since it was my only day off (I picked up someones shift on my other day off). We went to Taco Bell which was crowded since it was one of the only fast food places still open. So we checked out the new Chili's in town since we had a gift card, but to no avail they were closed also. Greg suggested we go to Applebee's and I wasn't too keen on the idea but we went anyway. As soon as we walked in the door I knew this would no longer be my day off. Two managers and a cook were all that remained inside to serve the ten tables of people. Harold said, you chose the wrong day to come in, I'm going to put you to work. So I started waiting on tables in my jeans and t-shirt (at least I was comfortable). Greg ordered what happened to be the only sandwich we served that day (but what also happens to be his favorite). We served everything in disposable fashion since we had no hot water to wash dishes. Two other servers came in and helped out. I ended up working till 4:30. I even got to play bartender for a while. Saturday, I worked all day in the same fashion (except I had my uniform on), paper plates, styrofoam cups, plastic cutlery. We had a wider menu selection since the district manager had bought us a huge grill for out back. Steaks, burgers, shrimp skewers, if you can grill it you can eat it. NO FRIED FOODS. We did pretty good business but still lots of people were not impressed. Chili's down the street (our competition) had gotten propane and were running business almost as usual. They assured us that the line had been fixed and most of the city should have their gas turned back on by Sunday night. We still did not have any heat or hot water on Saturday so we called one of the Pastors and asked if we could use their shower (they have electic heat) and they obliged us. We stayed over there after our hot showers and played video games. Big storms, lots of rain, lightning and thunder woke me up at 3am and kept me awake for a couple hours. I waited and waited for the gas man to come today. Almost missed church. But he still hadn't come so I went to the late service. Finally the gas man came around 2:45pm. It was cooler inside the house than outside. Thanks gas man for lighting the pilot so we can be warm, do laundry, do dishes, take showers, and all that good stuff. And thanks from the people who have to work with us, otherwise we'd smell. And it's not gas.

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