Tuesday, February 28, 2006

swim no more

By now you may have noticed that I haven't talked about swimming in a while. Well, it is in fact over and was on February 18th. The boys went to Sectionals that day (while I was at the Pastor's wives retreat) and they did a great job. Most of them had their personal best times and just had a great time swimming. I heard it was a great meet and Dave was very proud of them for what they did and how they swam. Well, we thought that some of them would qualify for state which would have been this past weekend. Well, they did not. They were one place away from taking the relay to state but it did not happen. So, I didn't even know it when it was my last day and now I've already had a week without swimming. I feel a little bit of a void. It's crazy to not see those boys and girls anymore. But it is nice to have my afternoons back. We have a banquet on March 7th so it will be nice to see them one more time. The pictures are from the last boys home meet which was also senior night. They are crazy. You have been warned.
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