Monday, February 20, 2006

story time...

So I decided that I might tell a story or two on this here blog of mine for a little entertainment in between my lack of a story from my life as of right now. Sorry for those of you who've heard the story before.

When I was little we used to have this conversion van(why in the world did we pose in front of our van?). tThat's me with the red shirt on. One summer my cousin Jeff was getting married to Amy in St. Louis. So my family traveled to St. Louis in this van for the wedding. We also decided to take a vacation out east at the same time. We left the wedding early...which upset me, I wanted to dance...and drove through the night to make it out east. I remember that I was in the back of the van trying to sleep. Then I heard the familiar sound. I had heard it many times before and even made the sound myself a few times. It was the sound of a soda can opening. I didn't think anything of it, until I saw my dad take a drink. My mind started to do flip flops. I was worried to death. I just tried to fall asleep and not think about it. Why was I so worried you may wonder. You see, my dad was driving...and he was drinking. And I know that I had seen commercials that said "Don't drink and drive". My ten year old mind didn't know that "drink" meant alcohol. So I thought we were going to get pulled over and my dad would get arrested. I was so scared. I just tried to ignore the fact and hope that I didn't feel the van slow down. I never told my parents this until about a year ago. But it just goes to show that kids will believe what they hear and take it for what they know, even when they don't know very much.

So don't drink and drive!

Do you have a story for me?

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Chad said...

That's hilarious! Crazy what our young minds could concoct! I think I had Kathy believing at one point that white sugar would turn us into green monsters. Not sure why I thought that, but hey. I am sure I had it on good authority from one of the "older wiser" first graders.