Sunday, February 19, 2006

be still...

...and know that I am God.

This weekend I went to the first ever Indiana Districts Pastor's Wives retreat. It was a great experience and one that I will never forget. 85 pastors wives from all over Indiana gathered for a weekend of relaxing, rejuvination, renewal, and meeting new friends and sisters in Christ. The retreat was filled with time to just be still and to listen. Time to learn new things, scrapbook, worship, eat, sleep, relax, make new friends, chat, sit by the fire, and just unwind. We women were able to be without the demands of work, children, schedules, phones, email and the other things in their daily lives that command their attention. We were able to take a breather from the hassles and joys that everyday life may bring and spend time with women who understand our trials and triumphs. Women who have experienced similar situations, women who struggle with some of the same things, women who are walking along the same lines as us. For all you pastors wives (or pre-pastors wives) out there if your district ever offers anything like this may I suggest that you make the time in your schedule to go. It is worth it. If not just to get away for a while then to network with other women who are right there with you and understand what it's like to be a PW. I took the weekend and I enjoyed it (even missed boys sectionals...they did really good). I will make sure to attend another one when I get the opportunity. So that was my weekend. Hope yours was great too!

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