Monday, February 27, 2006

3 to 30

No that is not the score of one of our swim meets.
It is not the score of the latest basketball game.
That is the age of my husband.

That's right, Greg turned 27 on saturday (25th) so now he is just 3 years to 30. That's a little intimidating. Because I know that I am just 9 months behind him in age. We had a great time celebrating his birthday this weekend. Friday at work they celebrated the youth directors birthday which was on the 23rd and the senior Pastor's bday which is also on the 25th. There was a chocolate cake (that I made), cookies, brownies, and an angelfood type dish with strawberries and cool whip. It was sugar overload. Since I didn't have to work I went in and helped them celebrate. Friday night we took it easy and watched a movie. Slept in on Saturday and then went to Indy. Spent time with his parents at their house and we got to see our nephew Andrew, and Holly and Gene. We went to a free Indianapolis Ice game. They won 5-4 in sudden death over time. It was fun to go to the game, haven't been to a hockey game in a long time. Sunday after church we had the three pastors and their families over for lunch. Greg shares his birthday with his supervising pastor so we all celebrated together. We played Cranium with all them and that was a blast. The kids were playing different games on our game cube. Then we had cards last night and they had made another cake for he got 4 cakes for his birthday. What a lucky guy.

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