Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Okay so I don't know what to post about so I thought I'd share a digital scrapbook page that I just created for a challenge. This is Tara and her daughter Taylor. Tara is the diving coach at the high school. She's become a good friend to me while here in Seymour. We've been shopping scrapbooking all the good important stuff. Taylor is a riot...she's two and very smart for her age and she comes up with the best one liners. Can't think of any right now but you'll just have to trust me on that one! So there you go...I posted. I don't really have much else to say, nothing new is going on.

Swimming update:
Girls are 6 and 5 and the guys are 8 and 3. So there you have our records. The girls have conference this weekend so that should be interesting. Their season is almost over and the guys are done the last weekend in February. I don't think we'll have any girls going to State but we might have a couple of guys. They are starting to taper so practices are not as long and not as hard for them either. No more double (two in one day) practices either, which makes me happy.

Applebee's update:
Things are going well. I'm training people all week which is nice on the paycheck. It's a little more difficult though because you have to try to stay up on your tables and teach someone how to do that at the same time. I will be training as a bartender in a couple of weeks. I figured I needed a new challenge and thought that would be better than cooking.

Vicarage update:
Greg is teaching confirmation class right now. He is truly loving vicarage and is learning so many things. He had his review this week and it was great. The pastors told him that he's doing a great job and that he's going to make a great Pastor...I have to second that! Hospital visits and shut-in calls are going great, he's preaching more and getting to preach at other local churches as well. I'm still a little lost in finding someone to sit with on Sunday mornings but besides that things are great. We're really enjoying our card club and the couples that we play with. It's nice to have some friends.

We are excited to see what 2006 has in store for us! We know our God is constant and that His love for us will never change and that is a reassuring fact when we know that other aspects in our lives will constantly change. Have a great day and know that you are loved!

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