Friday, January 27, 2006

it pays to smile...

A smile is contagious.
A smile is spoken the same in all languages.
A smile is worth ten bucks and a free meal!

That's right, we had a contest at Applebee's today. Whoever Shelia saw smiling the most would get a free meal voucher and $10. So we all smiled and joked around about how silly we felt about their being a contest about smiling. I told Vern that next time they do that contest they shouldn't tell anyone and then see who really does the smiling without the motivation of money and a meal. Well, anyway... I WON! Shelia picked me for the one who smiled the most. I guess it helped that I was in a good mood, I was training someone and didn't have a ton to do and we weren't too busy so there was nothing to stress out about!

So it pays to smile! (do I have food in my teeth?)

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