Thursday, December 01, 2005

two down...lots to go...

We had our first two meets this week. Tuesday we drove the hour to Jeffersonville and swam in their small pool (well it was bigger than my HS pool but small compared to our pool here). We lost...sorta big time. They have a ton more swimmers than we do and their divers are ex-gymnasts. So it was kind of a given that we wouldn't win. But there were some great things that came from this meet. The rookies really pulled out all the stops. I've never seen some of them swim that fast. It was so great to see them do good and to know that all that practice was good for something. Some of our veteran swimmers could have done a better job but it was the first meet so we'll give them that. It was so great to be on the sidelines cheering them on...and just being in that atmosphere again for me was great.

Tonight we competed against Columbus North....the Frogs. The boys won...the girls did not. It was so awesome to see the team come together and really get behind the team. Everyone was their cheering the others on and encouraging them before and after their swims. I was especially proud of one girl in particular. Shelby is a freshman and a first year swimmer. Tuesday was her first meet. Tonight she had to swim in two relays and the 200 and 500 freestyle. If you know swimming you know that most people try as hard as they can to not get put in the 500. Shelby is one of those people. She found out she was swimming the 500 and immediately began to panic. She swam the 200 first and sprinted the first 50 so she was very tired out and had a hard time finishing the 200. So she was not sure if she could swim the 500. She just kept saying that she didn't want to swim it and that she hated swimming. We all tried to sike her up and get her ready for her swim. She still did not want to swim it but really, had no choice. So I told her to pick a good song and sing it in her head, wait for the counter boards to be orange and then she'd be done. She did amazing. Granted she didn't come in first and got lapped by everyone but she did ALL her flip turns (which she didn't do in the 200), and she kicked it up a knotch for the last 50. It was awesome. She came out of the water saying, that wasn't so bad, and I asked her is she liked swimming again and she said yes. So I am really proud of her for sticking it out and finishing the race even when she didn't think she could. I think this experience will help her with other experiences that life throws her way. (She goes to Immanuel too so I have a soft spot for her). Way to go Shelby, I knew you could do it!

Our next meet is next Tuesday...I'll let you know how we do. Have a great weekend and know that you are loved!

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