Monday, December 12, 2005


Friday night I was "surprised" with a trip to Louisville for a concert. I say "surprised" because I knew we were going to Louisville for a concert. Greg's mom let the cat out of the bag about two weeks earlier. The thing is I didn't know which band would be playing. So Friday night after work, Greg and I drove to Louisville and met up with Dana and Doug (Greg's sister and brother-in-law). We got to the church and I still didn't know what band we were going to be seeing. Dand and I went out to find a bathroom and then I saw a magazine and the bands product table and so I then knew which band it was....Cademon's Call....and the opener was Jeremy Casella. I am a big fan of Cademon's Call, ever since Sarah introduced me to them in college. I have seen them three times before and am never dissapointed. It was an incredible concert, not to mention that it was FREE! and we were in the fourth row! They played lots of songs off their new CD Share The Well and lots of older songs too. It was just an all around GREAT night and I am so glad that Greg "surprised" me with this concert. It was a great birthday present! Thanks hun!

After the concert I got the set list and Cliff's autograph. That's going on my autograph wall. I don't know why I collect them I just do!

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love the hair!