Friday, December 16, 2005

some things i've been thinking about...

why are people so lazy that when they get to the parking lot with their purchases from wal*mart and other stores they feel it's okay to just leave their cart where their car was? Have we gotten so lazy, so out of shape that after spending time walking around a store and walking to our car that we cannot walk 15 more feet in order to put our carts in the cart holder thingy? What's up with annoying!

Greg and I went to wal*mart to get some gifts for our niece and nephews about three weeks ago and as we were walking in this guy was carrying a small pink bike out to his car. He had a huge smile on his face...Greg walks past him and says, "she's gonna love it". I thought that was so cute...don't let Greg know that I called him cute...he won't like that :)

One more thing...okay maybe two.

During church we are worshipping Jesus. We are giving him praise and thanks for all he has done for us, why then do people feel that it's okay to talk to their neighbor (family member or otherwise). Why do they feel it's okay to clip or file their nails? Why do they feel that this is the time to ask your daughter how she did on her social studies test? Why? I don't get it. Yes, I have talked in church before...I am guilty. I'm not speaking of talking in the sense of sharing peace or a welcoming greeting...just the other kind of disturbing talking. The filing of the nails and clipping nails though, come on! That has got to stop. And I've witnessed it in St. Louis and here at Immanuel. It drives me crazy. Especially when they decide to do that during the sermon. Can't you give your attention to God's word for 20 minutes. Is that too much to ask for the Man/God who saved you from eternal damnation?

Okay I'll stop.

One more story. I was in church on Sunday (a couple of weeks ago) and was sitting behind a couple and what looked to be their grandson...who was probably about 4 or 5 years old. This little boy had no attention span what-so-ever and was antsy like I've never seen. He started to whine and the grandma leaned over and said, "Santa's watching you." I am not even kidding. I could not believe that she just said that. I wanted so badly to say something but that would be talking during the sermon...ha! Anyway, it broke my heart. I understand that the child probably has a better understand of santa than Jesus...which by the way is REALLY sad. But it seemed to me like he had never been in church before. I'm not judging them because I do not know them but it just broke my heart to hear that. So next time your child is misbehaving in church tell them "Jesus is watching" that would be more appropriate anyway.

Have a good day now! Thanks for reading!

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Susan said...

I thought that my church was the only one with someone clipping their fingernails during the sermon. He always sits right in front or right behind us...and I am afraid one day me or one of my kids is going to get a flying fingernail in one of our eyes! And I totally agree on the santa/Jesus thing. I am in shock that the grandma said that to her grandson in Congrats on the swim team winning! Have a good day!