Thursday, December 08, 2005

let it snow...

Growing up in Wisconsin I became very accustomed to snow. I loved it when I was little, the snow plow would make huge piles at the end of the driveway and we would dig tunnels and make little hideouts. We would build forts in the back yard and snow angels were a must. As a teenager I grew to hate the white stuff. Learning how to drive in snow is not fun. Since I turned 16 in December I didn't really want to drive much after I got my liscence, and that is no fun for any 16 year old. Not to mention that when I got older I was finally old enough to handle a shovel and help out with that chore. It was nice to have my big brother around though because he usually got stuck shoveling. However, after my freshman year of highschool I was the only one at home...guess who got stuck shoveling? I learned to dread the snow because of shoveling and this crazy fear I have of driving in the snow. One of my biggest fears is getting into a car accident and people drive like idiots in the snow (even in Wisconsin). I will admit that it is very pretty when it falls lightly on the trees and gives the world a fresh clean look. But I still don't like it.

When we moved to St. Louis we learned that people any further south than northern Illinois have a fear of snow also. Schools would close with an inch of snow on the ground. People would drive 2 miles an hour. And everyone would just freak out...not to mention that there aren't many snow plows and they always waited till it stopped snowing to do their rounds. Streets would be an extra three inches higher because of all the packed snow.

Indiana is not proving to be much different. I don't know how they do things in northern Indiana but southern Indiana needs to get their head screwed on straight. We were supposed to have a swim meet tonight. Coach called me at like 9am and told me it was cancelled. It hadn't even started snowing. He said that the school we were to swim against was letting out at 1pm. Okay, I've heard of having a half day of school because of the snow WHEN IT'S SNOWING, but not when there is just a threat of snow. That's rediculous. So many schools in the area were having a half day because of the forcast. Let me tell you something, these people put a lot of trust in their weathermen. Okay so it did snow and is still snowing at this moment but come on people.

Mom and dad you'll be proud, I went out and shoveled like Mary. Mary is my parents neighbor who always goes out in the snow and starts shoveling. Mind you she has a short driveway and a very short walk. Anyway, I went out in the snow and shoveled...we don't have a driveway to shovel but we do live on a corner...and the sidewalks are not even. After a half hour I was done but when I made my way back to the side door there was about another inch of snow on the ground. Oh well. I did what I could so it would be easier later. We'll see if Mary's method works or not. The one good thing about the snow today was that Applebee's was dead so I got to come home shortly after I got there and the swim meet and practice were cancelled so I get the whole night at home with my man! How cool is that?! Well, happy snow day to you!

In other news: I would like you to congratulate my husband on his first 500 series in bowling, two 200+ games. He bowled this two weeks ago! So shake his hand, give him a high five, ask for his autograph, whatever you choose! I would post his score but he has it taped to his office door!

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