Wednesday, December 14, 2005

do i look educated?

For some reason people that I work with must think that I am not educated. I know this for a fact because today they were surprised when they found out that I went through college right after highschool, got a degree and worked a job with a salary. Do I look like I'm not educated? Does anyone who works as a server immediatley get the label of uneducated? I get this feeling a lot actually. I feel like people who come in during lunch (since I only work during lunch) figure me to be an uneducated person who is trying to make enough money to pay the rent. Although this is true for many of the ladies I work with, it's not true for everyone. And even for those it is true for they are just working hard at their job like the rest of the world in their own jobs.

I happen to like serving in a resturant. I'm not sure what the draw is sometimes, but I chose to work at Applebee's. So next time you eat out make sure you don't look down on your server and pin them to be an uneducated person who is just trying to get by. Sometimes they just work there because they want to. But really, do I look educated?

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Beer and Pretzels said...

Don't we judge people on their various education levels based on the way they dress? (i.e. "That man is wearing a business suit, therefore he must be smart/educated.") Educated does not equal smart and vice versa, but you get my drift. I went shopping two days ago on a whim after being at the laundromat and I was wearing snow boots, old lounge fleecey things and my dirty looking used to be light colored winter coat, and they barely gave me the time of day even at Fashion Bug, but my clothes, while comfortable and clean, sort of made me look almost homeless. Anyway, I waitressed right after graduating, and I got surprised reactions all the time when people found out I had a college degree. The same thing happened when I worked at the group homes, and in fast food, and as a hospital housekeeper. Our society has a great amount of predjudice against "menial" labor, so much so that they cannot believe that anyone who could avoid such jobs, such as the college educated, would choose to take them. I'd rather work "below" me than be unemployed in Greenland any day. That last part was a joke.