Monday, December 19, 2005

christmas party

Friday night was the church staff Christmas party...and let me tell you it was a good time. We all went to The Pines for dinner. It's a buffet resturant. Everyone (but me) enjoyed the king crab legs...and we all enjoyed everything else and especially the ice cream.

We then went to Kathy's house for more food, singing and a gift exchange. This proved to be the best part of the night. Everyone was to bring a $10 gift. We picked numbers and then picked gifts in that order. However once you opened your gift someone could steal it from you and then you had to either steal another gift or pick one from the pile. The corkscrew was a very popular item for stealing. There were two Victoria's Secret bags and everyone seemed to shy away from those. I ended up picking one up and looked inside and there was a little plastic bag inside. I thought awesome a gift card. But it was a gift card to Home Depot. It was hilarious. No one stole my Home Depot gift card and that made me very happy! I am excited to go there and pick something out! Then Jan picked the other Victoria's Secret bag. Inside was a velvet black bag that said "sexy" in rhinestones. She looks inside and sees something red and begins to pull it out of the bag...she has a scared look on her face...keeps pulling and finds's a pair of socks. Laughter ensued. We had such a good time, lots of laughter and memories. Not to mention the first time I ever did a shot of tequila! So yeah, the Christmas party was great.

Tomorrow I'll tell you about our tree!

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