Friday, December 23, 2005

26 years ago today...

...I was baptized and welcomed into the kingdom of God. I always knew that I was baptized the fourth Sunday in Advent but I did not know the date. When my parents came for Thanksgiving they brought me some papers that my grandma had saved. They brought some highschool drama programs, my highschool graduation program and the best thing of all...the bulletin from my baptism. How cool is that? I am so excited to put that in a scrapbook. I just have to remember that I have it and keep it some place safe. I know that now when people scrapbook they save those kinds of things for their kids to have. But back in 1979 scrapbooking was not a popular thing and saving those bulletins was not something my parents did. They did keep a memory box for me filled with birthday cards from when I was one, my first pacifier and some of my outfits from when I was little but I had never seen my baptismal bulletin before. So thanks grandma for saving that for me, even though she probably doesn't know that she saved it for me. Thanks mom and dad for having me baptized and welcoming me into the Lord's family. I am so grateful for the faith you have in Christ and that you have taught me to trust Him also. Thanks for bringing me to be washed in the waters of Baptism, where I was crucified with Christ so that I will rise with Christ and live with Him eternally. Thanks to Uncle Bruce, Uncle John and Debbie for being my sponsors and for teaching me about the love of Christ. I have heard my baptism service on tape, I cried when Pastor Klatt poured the water on my head, I am grateful that he poured the water and spoke the Word despite the crying. Thanks Jesus for dying on the cross and rising from the dead, defeating sin, death and the devil, and for giving me a part of that through my baptism!

The picture is from 1979 but not my baptism...must have been close to that time though. Doesn't my mom look so cute!?

P.S. Sorry Sarah for posting about your birthday a day early! I had my days mixed up! Hope your day was happy!

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