Wednesday, November 16, 2005

taking the bad with the good

I've been feeling really blah lately. Not wanting to go to swim practice, work, Bible study...nothing. Just feel like creating scrapbook pages on my computer or browsing through the millions of blogs that infest the wide world web. But I have not let my duties go and I have consisted to be present when my presence is needed. Today started to become a better day...after weights with the swim team this morning the girls and I went out for breakfast. At what other time can you get tweleve hungry ladies together at a little diner to over take the place? It was great. We had a great time poking fun at those a little, wait a LOT, more gulible than the rest of us. We talked about religion, we talked about boys, we talked about the weather, we covered it all. Although we did not solve any of the worlds problems I was reminded of how much I miss my job as a youth director. I miss spending time with highschoolers and younger. I miss everything that life as a youth director entails. Late phone calls, lunch dates, surprise visits every Monday afternoon, talking about relationships, parents, boys and Jesus included. I miss it. But I am glad that God has given me an opportunity to have a small taste of it while here on vicarage.

My day at Applebee's left a lot to be desired. I got stuck in the smoking section again (that's three shifts in a row) and not many people want to smoke during lunch time. So I had three tables and didn't make very good money. After work I had to go to an Applebee's Expert Seminar. It was 3 hours long and a little fun. But I was still bummed from the afternoon. Oh well. But I came home and Greg and I decided to go out for dinner and use the gift card we had just received. It was great. I love to date Greg. We had great conversations the whole time and just were able to spend some time just the two of us! It was a great night! So I thank God for the great morning that turned into a lousy afternoon that ended with a fantastic night. He has a way of sandwiching the bad in with the good.


Anonymous said...

jamie i love you and your beautiful heart. Gods blessings. love always, julie marie rapp

kristin : ) said...

I MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!

Ben W. said...

I guess Greg isn't such a bad husband after all? hehe, just kidding love you Greg!

What a coinkydink, I ate lunch at Applebees today!