Thursday, November 10, 2005

so I'm bored...

deal with it. I've seen this on other blogs so I thought I'd give it a try. I'm supposed to tell you twenty things that you don't know about me. Since it's mostly family and friends who read this it might be hard. I'll try though. Sorry if you know all fact let me know if you knew all 20...maybe you'll get a prize.

20 things you might not have known about me!
1. I am the youngest of three (older brother and sister)
2. The first computer I ever worked on was an Apple IIC
3. I was a graphic design major for two years in college
4. I was a synchronized swimmer from 4th-8th grade and went to two Jr. Olympics
5. I competed in Jr. Miss my Junior year of highschool
6. I have been to China, Mexico, Canada and 35 of the United States (Hawaii and Alaska being two of them)
7. When I was in grade school I was in love with Elvis
8. I got my driver's license on the day I turned 16 and was late to swim practice because of it
9. I played the piano till I was 10 and then we moved
10.I love to send cards and secretly hope for some in that bad to admit?
11. I never learned a foreign language in school
12. I'm left-handed which means I'm in my right mind
13. I collect old cameras...thanks soley to my grandmother who gave me her collection, but I have added to it
14. I cannot stand it when people scare me, ahhem Julie and Greg
15. I've waitressed at Applebee's in two states
16. I've had to clean up a lot of "bm's" in my early days of jobs
17. I've always dreamt of being a photographer for the National Geographic
18. I sucked my thumb for an unusually long time when I was a child
19. I slept with a stuffed animal until a year ago
20. I have a birth mark on the back of my left thigh

Now, I'm supposed to tag 5 people to do the same thing. I choose: everyone in my side link area...Ben, Adam, Lisa, Greg, Kate, Tami, Todd and Sarah, Cory and Kristin, Rosie, Brian and Erin, Ryan and Kristy, Dan & Susan, Melinda, Jon, Sarah, Kimi, Joy, Ben, Chad, Erin, Pete, Nathan, Kandyce and Sara, Matt, Kristin, Sarah and Steve.

I know that's more than 5 but I make the rules so I can break them!

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