Tuesday, November 01, 2005

sleeping Jesus

Do you trust the sleeping Jesus on a cushion? Mark chapter 4 talks about Jesus sleeping in the boat while the disciples frett and worry about the storm that is going on around them. The disciples speak words of rebuke and also words of faith when they say, "Teacher, do you care if we drown?" We see that Jesus is truly human because he is sleeping on a cushion. He needs his rest too. It is okay to rest. It is okay to take time out of your day to pray, or just sleep. We also see that Jesus is truly God, with a simple word the waves calm down and the wind stops. All He has to say is "Quiet! Be still!" He is truly God and truly man.

Is there any safer place to be than in that boat? Although the wind and waves seem very threatening you have the creator of the universe (true God and true man) sleeping on a cushion. Even though Jesus is sleeping He is still a mighty refuge and a strong fortress. We all go through "storms" in our lives. Some bigger than others. Sometimes we feel as though Jesus is just sleeping on a cushion and that He doesn't care about our lives. The complete opposite is true. He cares deeply about you and even though you may see Him as sleeping, He is awake and with you, He is a strong fortress and a might refuge. Call on Him, He does care. He tells us to fear not, do not be afraid. Look up the reference for "Fear Not" or "Don't be afraid", in the King James Version it is in there 365 times. Is that a coincidence? I don't know. But isn't it reasuring to know that God is with us all the time, every day of the year. Fear not, I am with you He says. Don't be afraid, I'm God. Whatever you are going through He is right there beside you. Don't be afraid, sleeping Jesus is by your side and He's awake and He's alive!

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