Monday, November 21, 2005

pumpkin pie and diaper cakes

On Sunday night the Sr. FLY group from Immanuel Lutheran Church participated in The Great Pumpkin (pie) Chase. They were given a paper with riddles forming to which they needed to figure out and drive around town to get the correct answer. At the end of the evening they all ended up at our house. I never got an "official" head count but there were between 30 and 40 highschoolers in our kitchen and living room on Sunday night. They were only here for about a half hour but it was good to be able to help out with the pumpkin chase. (Can't wait to get my t-shirt for being a host) The pumpkin pie was delicious!

Today at Applebee's we held a surprise shower for Miranda. She had a shower about two weeks ago that no one could go to and she thought that no one from work liked her and that we forgot all about her. Today we proved her wrong. It was a quick shower with some great gifts and cake (I didn't have any cake...had to leave). I made one of my diaper cakes for her...sure hope she liked it. Happy Baby Shower Miranda.

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