Tuesday, November 08, 2005

personality test

So in order to become an "expert" at Applebee's (see next post) you first have to take some tests. One is a personality test which consists of 150 random questions that you answer yes or no to, the other was an essay test. I took these tests on Monday and am still laughing in my head about some of the questions. Well, we were all goofing around about the questions. Here's two that really struck me as funny.

If someone makes you mad would you be comfortable "sitting on them" or "telling them off"?

I don't know about you but I don't usually sit on people when they make me mad. Maybe I should give it a try.

Is there someone that you know now or have known that you would like to see behind prison bars?

Seriously you want me to answer that? I answered no. I mean there are some people whom I don't want to call up to hang out with on a Friday night but I don't wish them to be behind bars. Now are there some people whom I haven't met that I might want to see behind bars...maybe...what about you?


Rodney Olsen said...

Maybe as an answer to "Is there someone that you know now or have known that you would like to see behind prison bars?" you should have said, "No. Whenever I've been behind prison bars I haven't wanted to see anyone."

That would have them worried. :)

Cory and Kristin Wielert said...

First this is hilarious. Second, about the "mad" aspect. I think I would sit on them, but I also think making them eat all the left over scraps of touched food on the table would help me vent too---especially if someone has a kid with snot coming out his nose on to all his food. But, maybe that's just mean. Cory

Jamie said...

Rodney, that would have been really funny. I'm not that quick of a thinker though...and I was just allowed to fill in the 'yes' or 'no' oval.

Cory, that is a little mean but oh well, those kids sure can be messy!