Saturday, November 05, 2005

niece and nephews

a little update...
Emily is seven and a half now and in second grade. She is liking second grade a lot and is one smart cookie. She recently took an IQ test and was in the 99th percentile on almost everything. She said, "I had to answer a lot of questions and then they asked me some things that I didn't know. But those were words that higschoolers and college students know." She has an amazing imagination also. When she and Michael stayed with us last weekend they were able to play on the third floor, they used their whole imagination, dressed up and had a grand ole time. She dressed up like Ariel for Halloween, she already has the red hair so she was set!

Michael is now five years old. He is having a great time in pre-school and is learning many new things. He loves his friends and his teacher. While we were sitting in church on Sunday, Pastor started his sermon by saying, "Do you know how to use your computer?" to which Michael replies, "Of course" in this "duh" sort of way. It was humerous. He playes really well with Emily and they make a great pair. On Sunday afternoon they were playing warriors and master and stuff and he kept saying pretend you say this... and then Emily would repeat exactly what he said. What a great relationship they have. Of course they fight too...they are brother and sister! Michael said that he wants his mom and dad to come and live at our house so they can all live here and then they can play on the third floor any time they want to.

Andrew is now five months old. He is such a doll... is it okay to call a boy a doll? Anyway, he's cute! He has the best smile, one that makes you melt. He is now rolling over and eating cereal. Maybe at Thanksgiving we'll give him some mashed potatoes. He truly is a loved child, his father and mother shower him with their love and when he is around the rest of us he gets passed around more than a football. We can't wait to see what God has in store for Andrew! How can you not love that face?

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