Tuesday, November 01, 2005

kenny kept us happy

Kenny is an amazing man. He is happy, he is blessed and he will let you know it. We worked with Kenny all day the first day. He helped by picking up the stuff that we took off the walls. He was a tireless worker. He also had a great attitude about it all day and kept us all laughing. One time when he was helping Greg, Greg said, "Kenny, you're the man," and Kenny replied with, "No, the man is in me." I was so surprised by what he said but it made perfect sense. Kenny and I then walked outside to get rid of some of the garbage and Kenny said to me, "Do you know who I'm talking about?" and I said, "Yeah, Jesus." So we talked about Jesus a little bit right then and again later. We came back inside and Greg said, "Are you talking about Jesus without me?"

Later in the day we got talking again about some stuff and we somehow got talking about hell and Kenny wouldn't even say the word. We told him he had nothing to worry about because he had faith in Jesus and he would spend eternity in heaven. Kenny went on and on about heaven and how good that was going to be. He was such a great encourager and someone that we wish we had with us everyday of work just to keep us motivated to keep working. I know we'll see Kenny again, if not on earth then in heaven. Look for him there, he'll be the one with the huge smile sitting at Jesus' feet listening! God bless you Kenny.

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