Monday, November 14, 2005

fall fun or yard work

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So what started out as a good time of raking leaves and throwing them ended up being a back hurting two hours of raking leaves and putting them in the street. But we got the whole yard done and that felt good. I know we'll probably have to rake again before the snow comes but at least we got most of them into piles in the street. Yup that's right in the street. They have this big vacuum machine that comes along and sucks up all the leaves. Don't ask me what the machine does with them after that cuz I have no clue but that's okay as long as they are off my yard. How does your city get rid of the leaves?

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Pete said...

my city doesnt really have leaves...the few trees that do shed them in the fall just like anywhere else eventhough is 90 degrees outside, but we just kinda let the blow around and decay in the street...we are kinda dirty down here...the city, not me.