Thursday, October 27, 2005

words cannot express...

what we have seen and done. It is not something that can be explained easily if at all. We have completely gutted a church, and two homes and removed trees from another yard. The devestation and the hope go hand in hand. It is just something that you have to witness to completely understand. We have been welcomed with open and loving arms and will consider these folks friends for the rest of our lives. There are many stories to tell, which will have to wait for the pictures to go with them. Pictures will be posted here when we get back. Please pray for our safety driving home. We will be leaving at 6am on Friday. May God bless your weekend.

Please pray...
Please pray for Kenny, that he would continue to let his light shine as bright for others as he did for us...amazing man!
Please pray for Tony and Elena, as they search for a place to call home, clean their house and learn more about the love of Jesus.
Please pray for Kathy as she deals with the loss of things and so that she can learn more about Jesus.
Please pray for the volunteers and helpers at Bethany Lutheran Church for their willingness to serve and help. Amazing people!

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clay said...

Hi Jamie and Gregg. Hope your trip home was uneventful. Thanks again for all you did for the people of Slidell. Our Lord was certainly smiling last week watching you guys touch the lives of our community. Tell everyone the shed now has a roof...and no it isn't blue!! Peace..Clay