Monday, October 17, 2005

we're not done yet!

Image Hosted by Thursday, October 6th, Greg was able to go to game two of the playoffs when the Cards played the Padres. His brother-in-law got the tickets. Greg, Jordan, Doug and his friend had a great time at the game. Greg was also able to get some great shots of Busch one last time. There are some pictures of the new stadium being built as well. I am very excited that they will get to use Busch a few more times before having to tear it down. (I have to admit that my husband has made me a Cards fan!!!) We'll miss that great bottle cap stadium and the memories that it holds but know that it's not the location or the building that makes a great team...but the great ball players and coaches! Go Cards Go!!!! See ya in St. Louie!

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N. Grepke said...

ALBERT PUJOLS! Unreal, that guy is crazy good. I couldn't believe how things ended up on Monday. Go Card's!